Dog Rehabilitation Centre

In addition to the Ozone Spa Monty’s Day Spa incorporates several dog rehabilitation therapy options all within the one centre.

At Monty’s Day Spa we strive to offer a true wellness centre for your dog which can greatly improve the quality of their life by offering the best available rehabilitation and pain management therapy. We are committed to providing a highly accessible and cost-effective therapy program for your dog.

In association with referring veterinary surgeons we provide appropriate treatment plans for muscular and skeletal injuries to dogs.

Referring veterinarians and owners are continually updated on the dog’s progress, resulting in a healthier dog. We encourage owner involvement and will tailor a home care maintenance program that fits your lifestyle and your dog’s individual needs.

Canine Underwater Treadmill

dog hydrotheraphy walkerOur Canine Underwater Treadmill is the only Hydrotherapy Walker in the South West Region. The Underwater Treadmill provides low impact exercise in a reduced gravity environment for your dog. Exercise is done in water to help dogs regain strength, reduce swelling and stiffness, improve range of motion, strengthen and builds muscle on your dog. It improves circulation and cardiovascular fitness and endurance, while reducing the risk of further injury. By adjusting the height of the water, up to 60% of weight on a dog’s limbs can be reduced and the speed of exercise can be varied. Water also provides resistance with every stride which helps improve muscle strength.

Even though Busselton has some of the best beaches in Australia swimming at the beach can lead to further injury or post exercise soreness as movement cannot be controlled. The same is true for swimming dogs in home pools. Using the Canine Underwater Treadmill dogs are in a controlled environment and specific muscle groups can be targeted. The warmth of the water in the Canine Underwater Treadmill can in most cases ease pain and is kept at a constant 28-32 degrees depending on your dog’s requirements.

Agility Physiotherapy’s Jane Moore is a fully qualified Physiotherapist who is happy to work in conjunction with your Veterinarian for your Hydrotherapy sessions.

Be sure to check with your dog’s insurer if you can claim hydrotherapy under your dog’s insurance policy prior to commencement of treatment.

Please contact Agility Physiotherapy for initial assessments and Monty’s Day Spa for any ongoing Hydrotherapy appointments.

Physiotherapy for Dogs

The goal of physiotherapy for animals is to help pets move freely and stay well, whether that be following an injury or surgery; or later in life when wear and tear on their joints slows them down. A range of evidence-based techniques are used including manual treatment, soft tissue massage, electrotherapy and the underwater treadmill.  Most importantly, every pet goes home with a homework sheet of exercises and techniques for owners to help keep their pet comfortable at home.

No vet referral is required but Jane has developed strong working relationships with all the local vets and prefers to stay in touch with your pet’s vet to help with the co-ordination of their care.

Rebates from pet insurance may apply depending on your specific policy.

Canine Rehabilitation Day Care Suites

At Monty’s we offer 4 specialised day care suites. These suites are suitable for those dogs that are post-surgery and may require confinement, would find main day care too overwhelming or simply their owners do not wish their dog to socialise with others (be they young or old). A fully opened suite can accommodate up to 2 dogs comfortably so bonded pairs are more than welcome.

These suites are fully air-conditioned and heated. Any medications, feeding and restricted exercise (if any) throughout the day is managed by our qualified staff who are totally dedicated to their welfare. Bedding is provided according to your dog’s needs.

These suites are not suitable for red zone or anti-social dogs.

Please contact us at Monty’s to discuss your dog’s special needs and for a full price list of services available.