Dog Grooming Salon

Monty’s Day Spa has a boutique dog grooming salon offering a range of comprehensive services by appointment.

We only accept a small number of dogs in the grooming salon each day ensuring personal attention and a low stress environment for all breeds of dog.

We take pride in providing the highest-quality grooming service from experienced professional pet stylists who are passionate about ensuring grooming is a pleasurable experience for your dog. We do not use unqualified or amateur groomers. Our groomers regularly compete in and attend grooming seminars to ensure the correct and latest grooming techniques such as Asian Fusion and other non-standard breed styles, are available for your dog.

The professionally trained groomers at Monty’s can also help you maintain your dog’s coat and healthy appearance all year round. Whether it is a maintenance trim, face, feet and bottom trim, a full makeover, nail art or body colour dying or chalking, we can help your dog look, feel and smell wonderful.

Specifically designed for different dog breeds and coat types all our products have been tried and tested and will not only add luxury to your dog’s grooming appointment but will benefit your dog’s health and well-being.

With so many dog grooming salons to choose from, it is important that both you and your dog are completely satisfied.

Our groomers like to discuss your dog’s groom prior to commencement. We want to ensure the most suitable products are used for dog’s coat and do not use one product for all. It is important to us that the styling and comfort of your dog between grooms is of the highest quality and prices will vary accordingly. De-matting, stripping, carding and specialist breed styling are all services offered.

Monty's Dog Grooming Room Monty's Dog Grooming Room

Service Highlights

  • We groom ALL breeds of dogs in both breed standard (coat depending), customised and every day styles. The professional groomers at Monty’s will work with you to understand what length and style best suits your dog’s lifestyle and is most comfortable for them.
  • Electric lift tables and bath tubs are used in both the day spa, washroom and grooming areas so that dogs can step onto the tables and be positioned correctly.
  • All our Australian groomers hold National qualifications and our International groomers hold their City and Guilds qualifications.
  • We opt for comfortable resting pens rather than cages. Hence, we do not cage dry.
  • Owners can observe the dogs being groomed through viewing windows. All our grooming services are carried out in full view of owners.
  • The salon is purpose built with climate-controlled air-conditioning.
  • All our employees are certified in Pet First Aid.