Meet Monty

16/04/2001 – 08/06/2015

On the 16th April 2001 a little grey and white Maltese Shitzu came into the world. Where he was born is difficult to say. Somewhere in Victoria we believe. We don’t know anything about his parents. We do know that by 6 weeks of age he was in a pet shop somewhere in Perth Western Australia.

We never thought we’d ever buy a puppy from a pet shop and yet there we were looking at this little puppy with awfully wonky legs all by himself. After much debate we decided to take him home – wonky legs and all. By the time we got him home we’d named him Monty.

Monty was the epitome of why puppy mills and pet shops selling puppies need to be banned. In the end we would leave it up to others to decide what breed Monty was. We suspect that there was cavalier somewhere in his breeding, but others mentioned bichon and poodle. It didn’t really matter to us as we were so very blessed to have Monty in our lives.

Monty’s personality was bigger than life itself. He loved being the little big man. Busselling through life and all it had to offer. He was simply awful to train as a teenager and we spent many hours at dog training trying to show him his place in our pack. Eventually one day we realised that we’d made it. He was our shadow and most certainly he was our friend.

We figured if Monty was truly a part of our family pack then he deserved to have some form of social enrichment during the day. We’d drive to my parents place each work day, so he could be with people and other animals, and not be stuck in a house or yard all day by himself. It was an additional hour each way on top of our day and we never begrudged spending that time as Monty loved everyone.

Monty’s health issues were numerous. At a very young age he developed a lameness for which we x-rayed. Those wonky legs as a puppy were definitely going to cause problems. We had moved to Busselton by this time. Monty would eventually have 2 ACL operations. There was no hydrotherapy available in the South West for canine rehabilitation. It was such a long way to Perth for a little fellow who by this time had also recently been diagnosed with Cushing’s disease.

Being a Cushing’s dog came with its own set of issues with regards to grooming. Again, back to Perth we traipsed every 4-6 weeks for a professional groomer to attend to the weird curly coat that was Monty’s.

As Monty aged so came the joint soreness and arthritis. Medication helped but again hydrotherapy would have been a welcome addition to his weekly routine. There are many photos of Monty in a laundry bucket being carried across the sand, so he too could have a little run and play along the beach. We by chance found a shallow pool of water somewhere out Dunsborough way. We named it Mo Mo’s Pond and it became a favourite for the little dog who eventually couldn’t swim in the ocean with the waves and sand.

Monty was loyal, funny, highly intelligent, he never growled at or snapped at person or dog and certainly never complained about the constant health issues he had over the years. His enthusiasm and attitude towards life left us in awe.

Monty passed away peacefully at home on the 8th June 2015 surrounded by his family pack and his favourite vet. Brave Monty will forever be remembered and is always in our hearts.

We’ve heard so many similar stories to that of Monty over the years since he passed. We always wished we could have done more for Monty… And so, the idea for Monty’s Day Spa began…Enjoy.