Day Spa Policies

Vaccination Policy

All dogs coming to Monty’s Day Spa are required to have their vaccinations up to date. This will be asked of you at your first appointment and verified against your vaccination card, or directly with your vet.

Vaccinating is the only way to protect your dog against certain viral diseases that are highly contagious and can be fatal.

Flea Policy

If your dog has fleas, please let us know ahead of us commencing your appointment. We need to know this, so your dog can be treated for fleas straight away. All dogs that come to Monty’s Day Spa displaying signs of fleas will be given a Capstar® tablet and flea washed, with control charges priced accordingly.

Capstar® has a rapid-acting formula that delivers fast relief from fleas. Within 30 minutes of swallowing, Capstar® starts knocking down adult fleas. Within 4 hours, 100% of fleas are dead.
If your dog has fleas and you DO NOT wish for your dog to have be treated by us, you will need to treat the infestation at home and re-book your appointment for a later date, when you have eradicated all the fleas from your dog.



Photo by Ben Hanson on Unsplash
Did You Know?

Monty’s Day Spa offers specialised canine rehabilitation therapies including physiotherapy, rehabilitation day care suites and the only canine hydrotherapy walk south of Perth.